Лечение хранического гастрит

Clinical displays of a dysbacteriosis and connected with it{him} эндогенных infections depend not only on the established infringements in microflora of an organism, but also from it{him} компенсаторных opportunities. We in the clinic at diagnosing adults and children of advanced age use Bilibina A.F.'s (1970) classification on which three clinical forms of a dysbacteriosis are allocated: compensated, or a latent dysbacteriosis (without clinical displays); subcompensated with the advent of the local inflammatory centers of different extent; декомпенсированная with generalization and formation{education} of the metastatic centers in various паренхиматозных bodies and possible{probable} outcomes in a sepsis. Krylov V.P. (1997) Distinguishes дисбиотические changes depending on этиологического the factor and considers necessary to allocate postinfectious, postchemotherapeutic, postradiating, нозокомиальный and парафизиологический a dysbacteriosis, that is connected with natural formation of normal microflora. In opinion of this author, A.F.Bilibina's above-stated classification does not cover all problem in this connection it{he} suggests to allocate three types дисбиотических infringements: isolated, combined and deployed. And at isolated type of infringements микробиоценоза there are changes only in one part, at deployed the output{exit} of components of microflora for limits of their natural biotype is observed. It is represented to us, that the isolated type of defeat микробиоценоза corresponds{meets} to the compensated form with the subclinical current, combined - to the subcompensated form, and deployed - декомпенсированной, described транзиторной бактериемией, formation of the secondary centers of an infection, sometimes with development of a sepsis. Подробнее...

It is obvious, that сочетанное use ингибиторов the proton pump or Н2-блокаторов гистаминовых receptors with not soaked up антацидными preparations is quite justified and at treatment of patients with kept внешнесекреторной function of a pancreas, including at treatment of patients by a chronic pancreatitis at which is present ГЭРБ. At presence метеоризма from антацидных preparations it is the most expedient to use Алмагель Нео. Подробнее...

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